Even A Genius Makes Mistakes…..

….sometimes.  Akamai is Hawaiian for “smart” or “wise one.”  The (now 6 month old) puppy, half border collie and half Australian shepherd was bound to be a smart dog with that geneology….thus his name: Akamai.

On first seeing and meeting him, Kris said “quite a name to live up to!”  And for the most part he has…..if we ignore the puppy shenanigans- like when he pulls up all our bromeliads for chew toys.

Today, however, DH rubbed his ears and said “There’s my smart boy….smart Akamai!”  Apparently on a mission, the dog walked away from him, stepped toward the sliding glass door and bonked his head against it without slowing down.  He had the grace to look embarrassed, but the timing of the whole incident (DH’s praise followed by the immediate head bonk) could have been written for a sitcom.

For the most part, he lives up to his name.

Except for that bromeliad fetish…..