Aki, don’t eat my Uke!

At the last souvenir shop, while KH and SB looked at MuuMuu (I convinced Kris she needed the Honu design…..), I noted a concert Ukulele marked 50% off due to a small abrasion on the wood of the neck at the 3rd fret.  I had been entertaining the thought of getting myself a Uke (and by the way, it’s pronounced OOkulele, not YOUkulele), and this just seemed like God speaking directly to me (ok, I can justify any purchase…..).

So, I bought it, and am busy building up my calluses on such ditties as “Five foot two, eyes of blue…,” “Mele Kalikimaka” and “Sloop John B.”  But, being the skinflint that I am, I don’t wish to spend $4 for two felt picks.

A package of 5 sheets of adhesive backed felt at $5, with 2 pieces cut into the shape of a pick, and a piece of milk-jug between them for stiffness, gives me the makings for about….oh….300 picks.

The only problem now, is keeping Akamai the puppy away from them.  The picks apparently have a wonderful chewing texture!