A book review

Ok, I don’t usually talk about the books I read, as they are usually just time fillers while I wait for a new ER admit.  However, I had heard about the “Liturgical Mystery” series by Mark Schweizer about a year ago.  I put the first one, “The Alto Wore Tweed” on my swap site wish list a year ago.  It arrived today, and I read it. The whole thing.

DH rushed over to the lanai from where he had been working in the garden when he heard me choking and making snorting noises.  No, I was not in pain or distress, I was in hysterics.  Now, since the book’s premise is that of a southern small town Chief of Police, who is also the choir director and organist for the local Episcopal church, it would help the reader “get” some of the jokes if s/he were member of a liturgical mainline Protestant church. With a choral or church music background.

In other words, SB and RRS and KH, go directly to Amazon and order this book!

A sample:   A member of one of the town’s fundamentalist churches is riding down a mountain road in the car, her husband driving.  Suddenly she opens the sunroof, crawls out and leaps to her death. Why?  On the side of the road she saw Jesus, his arms raised, and a heavenly host floating around him, and she thought it was the Rapture.  The truth is, a “holler” boy with long hair had ordered eight anatomically correct dolls, filled them with helium and was taking them to his buddy’s bachelor party, toga required, when the “ladies” escaped from the back of his truck, and rose into the air.  He stood on the edge of the road, arms upraised, trying to pull them back.

Add the hijinks of the parish’s first female priest, the sexually aroused camel participating in the annual live Creche, the periodic reappearances of the helium-filled ladies, all wrapped around a good murder mystery….and you have the makings of a good time.

Um….adult protective devices recommended for ladies of a certain age…..

Get your copy here.