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There are goldfish…..

….and then there are gold fish. DH worked so hard when we lived in Nevada to maintain the pond he dug by hand. He created waterfalls, transplanted reeds and cattails, and nurtured the dime-store goldfish that he moved into it. He spent literally months of his life cleaning it, rewiring the pump each time (and there were several) it blew and reinforcing the edges to make sure the water stayed inside the pond. He recalled Continue reading

It takes so little….

….to make me happy. I’ve hated our bathroom from the day we moved here. Cramped, poorly laid out and dingy…..but redoing it is low on the list of “to do’s.” One frustration is the soap dish in the shower.  A ceramic dish, bolted through the tile…and very loosely attached….it is especially annoying.  Pick up the soap….the dish falls off. Set the soap back down….the dish falls off  (barely missing–or not– my bare toe…..). Turn around Continue reading

Pagoda Plant

Green Papaya Salad

2 medium green papaya, peeled and shredded (we like them JUST on the verge of turning yellow-makes the salad a bit sweeter) 1 large carrot, peeled and shredded 2 cloves of garlic, finely minced 1 scallion, finely minced (or green onion 1/4 cup of  fish sauce 1/4 cup of granulated sugar juice from 2  limes) 1/4 tsp of lime zest 2 Thai bird chilies, sliced cross-wise , or a few drops of hot sauce (I Continue reading

I had a dream…..

In which I had moved back to Nevada, rejoined my prior practice…. My former partner was laughing and joking (though a pleasant person, she was NOT a laughing, joking type). I spent the dream working 12 hour shifts, and worried about re-establishing my hospital privileges. My former office was unchanged…even the divots on the wall paint were present. One of the secretaries asked “So, are you going to stay here in Nevada now?” DH and Continue reading

There’s a giant…

…coffee drinking rooster in my kitchen!  (thanks, Steve and Cassie…..)

Well hush my mouth!

You’ve all noticed it.  The SECOND that media reports some problem in the Middle East, gas prices start rising precipitously.  Now, you know…and I know….that the refiners paid for the crude which went into producing that gas months….if not years… ago. But, the price goes up by leaps and bounds. Unfortunately. as I commented to DH last week (ok, I biotched loudly to him about it…..), the reverse is never true.  When supply lines ease Continue reading

A book review

Ok, I don’t usually talk about the books I read, as they are usually just time fillers while I wait for a new ER admit.  However, I had heard about the “Liturgical Mystery” series by Mark Schweizer about a year ago.  I put the first one, “The Alto Wore Tweed” on my swap site wish list a year ago.  It arrived today, and I read it. The whole thing. DH rushed over to the lanai Continue reading

Even A Genius Makes Mistakes…..

….sometimes.  Akamai is Hawaiian for “smart” or “wise one.”  The (now 6 month old) puppy, half border collie and half Australian shepherd was bound to be a smart dog with that geneology….thus his name: Akamai. On first seeing and meeting him, Kris said “quite a name to live up to!”  And for the most part he has…..if we ignore the puppy shenanigans- like when he pulls up all our bromeliads for chew toys. Today, however, Continue reading

quote – 97percent correct

I am absolutely correct 97% of the time. Who cares about the other 4% ?

Banyan Tree

Macaranga tanarius