It all depends…..

I might survive this. Maybe.

I have now been ill for 6 1/2 weeks. It started with a sore throat, then developed into the cough from hell. I cough, choke, wheeze all day. All night. I have finished three courses of antibiotics.  I have had (unremarkable) chest xrays.  With the help of Drs. K and H, I have inhaled steroids and codeine cough syrup….making the symptoms almost tolerable.

Those of you who are women of a certain age will know and sympathize with the worst part of this malady.  The leak.

After the age of 50, gravity, previous childbirth and muscle degredation lead to….a problem.  The increased pressure caused by each cough…causes a squirt from below.

Recently I have seen a commercial on TV.  A handsome middle-aged woman STRUTS down the street: she tosses her hair, she wiggles her behind. She exudes confidence.  And she is peddling Adult Protective Undergarments.

I hate that woman.

I can deal with the cough. I can handle the wheezing.

Ask me how I feel about the squirt?  Depends…..