Fishing for Honu

Well, we’ve had a lovely visit with SB and KH. We saw all the sights, swam the swims, toured the museums, drank the frou-frou umbrella drinks and, most importantly, went to the souvenir stores.

We hit the last one on the way to the airport to drop them off for the trip home. DH found a holographic bookmark with honu (sea turtles) and he felt I couldn’t live without it.

Today, while I was lying on the couch on the lanai, the bookmark fell from my current read, and landed in just the perfect position to fall through the cracks of the deck boards.  The damned thing cost $6.00, so there was no way I would let it stay there!  I found one old  wire clotheshanger, shaped it to fit between the boards and lay down to try to hook the string that  was tied through the top of the bookmark.

Of course, Akamai the puppy thought that wasa  sign to play, and he licked my ear, pawed at my downturned face and sat on my head, as well as trying to chew the wire hanger.

I’m pleased to say my fishing expedition was successful and the holographic honu was retrieved.

I hope SB and KH get as much entertainment from THEIR souvenirs as I have mine!