The dog ate my camera….

….manual. So, because there was a perigee full moon, and I have always wanted an underwater camera, I splurged yesterday and bought an Intova digital camera, including a very good watertight case for underwater pics.

I knew a shot of the full “supermoon” coming up over the ocean would be stunning.

I got the camera home, charged it up, and took a couple of preliminary shots (a total of four, actually….)

At dusk, I went out to the porch to arrange a good “picture-taking” site……and was told “memory full.”  WHAT!!?!?!?!?

Oh, the preliminary pics were at maximum size with highest resolution. No problem, just delete those.

Um…..the camera would not delete them. The computer would not recognize the camera, so I couldn’t delete them that way. DH tried. For hours. Note, I hadn’t bought an SD card, knowing I always transfer pics to the computer and then delete from the camera.

Well, if nothing else, I could reformat the camera. Didn’t do anything.

So, after hours of piddling with it, both DH and I decided it just wasn’t worth the hassle, and I packed it all back in the box and planned to take it back to the store today. At least, I thought I had packed it all back up.

This morning Akamai (the puppy) was lying under my chair. Quietly. After a while, it dawned on me that he was too quiet…….

…..and I found the camera manual in shreds.  So, I guess the camera is ours eternally. Anyone know how to delete pics from an Intova c12 digital camera?

Oh, and the moon?  Never saw it because of the cloud cover.


Thanks to Steve and MikeW for links to the Intova manual…..problem is that even following the manual instructions, the photos WILL NOT delete off the camera. New SD card at least allows me to take some pics!