…I’m very good at it.

I was so looking forward to my eight days off, which started Sunday morning after finishing my night shift. Beach…..sightseeing…..beach….kayaking…..I had great plans for doing some of the fun things we hadn’t had time to do in months.

But Monday I was still too dragged out from the night shifts.

And Tuesday DH had some projects he really wanted to get done in the yard in preparation for SB’s (and yes, we’re still still waiting to hear from you, RRS…) planned visit.

And on Wednesday, we have choir rehearsal and it’s too hard to drive to our favorite beach on the Kona side, then back to Hilo in time to sing.

Then, after getting home from rehearsal, I noted the nagging tickle that I had earlier noted in my throat was now an  unwrapped package of razor blades. “Damn it, I’m getting sick!” I thought…..and then was hit by rigors and high fever. I crawled into bed, covered by a sheet, a thermal blanket and the 2 inch thick bed cover. And still shook uncontrollably most of the night.  Needless to say, I was too ill yesterday to go to the beach.

“Maybe tomorrow if I feel better and we can go….” I thought.

But, the tsunami took care of that.

You know what? Seeing the devastation in Japan, and knowing how much worse it could have been……I think I’ll read a book instead.

Update:  or I’ll nominate this man for a Darwin award. Honestly. It’s an emergency. Cops, firefighters, coast guard and rescue workers have plenty to do without idiots who wantonly ignore danger…