Just like camping….


Yesterday I came home in the morning after finishing two grueling night shifts…..codes, respiratory arrests, beau coup admissions….

I made it as far as the patio couch, where I vegged and dosed on and off. I was so spent, physically and mentally that I was admittedly quite emotional. As I gazed at the ocean, the beautiful greenery surrounding me and listened to the sounds of the tropical birds, I got teary and thought “God, I love living here….”

This morning Akamai (the puppy) woke me with a cold nose in my face, and we went out to the lanai. Me, my notebook computer, my cup of coffee, my latest novel (a Guido Brunetti mystery) and Akamai have been sitting here, watching the rain move across the ocean, climb inland, and finally reach us.  It is hitting the clear plastic roof cover, and the pattering sound reminds me of camping trips with my family when the rain peppered the roof of our tent. Birds are singing, I see a cardinal flitting through the bougainvillea and doves are cooing in the caimito tree.

Ok, so when I grew up and went camping with my family, we didn’t have an ocean. Or notebook computers with wireless internet connections. Or bougainvillea. Or caimito trees.

Other than that, it’s just like camping!