DH always calls it our “left-handed house.”  He is not being complementary when he does so.

The upstairs, which originally was divided into a kitchen and a small sitting area (there was already a perfectly FINE kitchen downstairs…..) has been remodeled into a family room.  But….it’s just awkward.  A stairway at one wall cuts into the floor space, and a “front door” at the back leads to a laundry area..the whole upstairs was originally the entire downstairs….and moved to the second story in a property boundary dispute suffered by the prior owner.

Consequently, DH is never happy with the furniture arrangement. Either the couch juts out into the room, and one needs to veer around it to get to the back (front) door to do laundry….or the chairs face in strange directions. Add to the mix that we each have a computer up there, and it is the tv room……

With company coming, and the likelihood that we will need to use the sleeper sofa, he attacked it today.  While I napped after working a night shift, he juggled, repositioned, rearranged and finally came up with a usable flow.

It is not Feng Shui.  But it is functional.  Fengshuinal……I like it!