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Dead. DEAD!!!!

We had a psychology professor in medical school. Her goal was to make us “sensitive” to our patients. In order to “be sensitive” she exhorted us to be clear when explaining things. One of those things was death. “When a patient dies, you need to tell the family he DIED.  He did not ‘pass’ or ‘expire’ or ‘bought the farm. He died. And say it twice,” she told us, “so that the family hears it.” Continue reading

Do I stink?

Ok, maybe it’s because I’m sick with pneumonia, and the lack of oxygen is making me cranky….. …but why email me with a question/comment/chat, and then completely ignore my response, refuse to reply….. I took a bath this week. Rant over.

quote – blushing animal

Man is the only animal that blushes, or needs to. Samuel Clemens

Octopus Tree

Bottlebrush Tree


also known as peace lily




Mountain Apple

Native to Malaysia, and brought by the original settlers to Hawaii. When fully ripe, looks like a Delicious Apple, but tastes more like a pear


Origin: The Philippines. Also known as star apple. Bite into and suck out the custardy pulp. Yum!


the leaves are 18-24″ long