It’s 5 o’clock in the morning……

DH and I worked very hard last week to finish up the new solar electric system…..and my poor old body is still recovering from the exertion.

This week I worked 5 twelve hour days. One of the other docs commented as I arrived yesterday “Gee, you look beat! I’ve never seen you walk so slow!”

We’ve had out of town guests until yesterday morning, and though DH did most of the entertaining and tour-guiding due to my work schedule, I still stayed up later at night than usual.

So now I have two days off. At dinner last night DH asked what I wanted to do on my days off.  “Sleep beyond 5:30 am!” I answered. “You won’t…’ll get up by then as usual……” was his reply.

I didn’t wake at 5:30 as usual though.  I woke at 5.

But I didn’t HAVE to……..and that makes all the difference.

I think.