A Ray of Sunshine

It wasn’t a bad day today.  But it does get depressing when every patient on my service is dealing with the accumulation of many medical problems…

Ninety-three year old stroke victims. Fifty-seven year old alcoholics with teminal liver disease. Eighty-five year old with congestive heart failure.

It tends to wear on me after awhile.

So, after another day of it today, I gratefully headed toward the elevator to go out to my car. Just before the doors shut, a young man ran in, turning the corner from OB/GYN. He was grinning and could barely stand still.

“The baby is here! I forgot my camera! Gotta get my camera!”  He was so excited and full of wonder that I couldn’t help but smile and laugh with him.

“Boy or girl?” I asked.  “Boy!” “How big?”  “I don’t know! He’s coming! Gotta get my camera!”

The elevator doors opened on the ground floor and he ran out, but not before looking back over his shoulder and giving me a cloud-splitting smile.

The rest of the day didn’t matter anymore.