A Homer Moment

In two weeks we will celebrate our third anniversary of moving to Hawaii. In that time we have learned many of the quirks of island living. One of those is drinking water. We live on catchment water: our water supply is provided by the abundant rains, which cascade off our metal roofs, into a large (10,000 gallon) holding tank, then pumped into the house.

The water is filtered, and we plan to add a UV water filtration system to make the water completely safe, but as a cautionary measure, we obtain our drinking water from one of the free county roadside taps.  Those taps, unfortunately, are not located anywhere near us.  So, when we go up toward volcano, or down to the beach in Kapoho, we take our water bottles with us and fill them during the trip.  In a pinch, we will pay $1.35 for five gallons of water at the dispenser outside of Wally world….

Today I needed to mail a book that had been ordered through my swapsite, and, always looking for new ways to socialize the new puppy and expose him to new environments, I took Akamai (the puppy) with me down the hill to our small neighborhood post office.  On the way back, wanting him to get used to getting in and out of the car, I stopped at our neighborhood park, Waikaumalo.

Akamai sniffed his way to the stream’s edge, dipped a paw and then barked in surprise that the ground had suddenly turned into water, then he wandered up into the picnic pavilion.

He sniffed at……the water spigot……next to the barbecue. He wandered some more and sniffed at …….another water spigot……. near the picnic tables.

Picture Homer Simpson smacking himself in the head.  “Doh'”