Useless Piece of …….

….fill in the blank.

It has been a longstanding–sort of—joke between DH and me.¬† Whenever he has something of great import to tell me (what he calls instructing me intensely) I usually answer “Sorry, I am a useless piece of crap, piece of $#&*……)

So today, when he was trying to figure out where the beams are under the roof, in order to drill holes for the new solar panel rails, I suggested that I bang on the ceiling with a stick while he listened outside on the roof so he could find where the beam was.

He discounted my idea, and made plans to drill a pilot hole  blindly.

“What could it hurt?” I asked.

He discounted my idea.

“Ok, nevermind. I am a useless piece of……whatever.”

Of course, it worked. My tapping on the cathedral ceiling, just alongside the beam, precisely allowed him to find the beam, and the drilled holes went into solid wood, not through the ceiling.

….well, not completely useless, I guess.