Hawi/North Kohala

Hawi/North Kohala

North Kohala is the “thumb” of Big island. A wide peninsula off the northwest, it ranges from high, dry ranchland to desert, to lush coastal jungle. Above is a view of Pololu Valley-literally at the end of the road. Akoni Pule Highway ends at the vally, which can only be accessed by foot.

Further west, Keokea beach park ^^^ is easily accessed, but rough water makes it a nice picnic-and-watch -the-surfers spot.

“Flumin Da Ditch”

This is a kayak ride through the rainforest. We have not done the tour, but have heard many good reports of it.  It is an old flume ditch (used for transporting sugar cane) which was badly damaged in the 2008 earthquake. It has just been restored and re-opened.

Hawi, a small town at the junction of Highways 270 and 250 has the typical touristy type stores.  Bamboo restaurant is good….but picky hours of operation. We have eaten at Luke’s Place.

Food is EXCELLENT, service….not so much. (Ok, why post a sign at the hostess station “Please wait to be seated” and then not have anyone there for 8 minutes….and when she does FINALLY show up, says “Oh, sit anywhere!”  Rant over…..)

Over the line (wet-to-dry) in Hawi, there is an enormous wind farm. A picture cannot convey how massive these things are…

On the desert hot, scrub brush west side of North Kohala, there are numerous beach parks.  All have rocky shores, thorny trees and great views of Maui (if the sky is clear-which it wasn’t the day I took this pic, but trust me, the camera is pointed directly at Haleakala….).

But we sat here for 2 hours watching whales spout and breach, and followed a shark as it hunted close (very close)…(TOO close….) to shore.  Won’t be snorkeling there anytime soon!

The highway around the thumb ends at Kawaii Hai harbor.  When you ship your household goods or car, it will come either here or Hilo Bay. At the south end of the harbor is Spencer Beach.  Classic  white sand, gentle ocean waves. stunning sunsets, but water too murky for my comfort zone