Baboon Butt

That’s what Buffy the Golden Retriever looks like.  She has had a growth on her rump, present for a few months. This week it exploded in size, and on Wednesday started bleeding.  Thursday night she was restless and agitated. She would not lay down, but paced the floors all night. Puppy nails pacing on wood floors. All night.  I finally gave up at 2am and took her outside to the lanai, where she and I slept fitfully (me on the deck furniture, she on the porch….pacing periodically, but less noisily…..

Akamai, the new puppy, had a  Vet appointment already set for Friday, so I called and begged to switch dogs. I was afraid she had developed a cancer, but was hoping the doc could at least cauterize the area and make her more comfortable.

He did better:  though he normally does surgery in the AM, he kept her overnight, doing the surgery afterhours last night.  Dr. Castro says it’s a common condition, locally aggressive but not cancerous, and not invasive. He removed the lesion, and closed the incision with 10 sutures.

She came home today with a big shaved butt, sore, but she’s no longer pacing.

Thanks, doc….we needed that!