EEK! Mouse!

Damn game. I found a link to it on one of my chatboards, and quickly became addicted. I have always played Mahjongg, but had never seen this version: Mahjongg Dimensions.

But, I could never get past the third level. It is timed at 6 minutes, and I always ran about 30 seconds short. What I found is that my mouse would click, but NOT actually target the tile I was pointing and clicking at, so I had many “misses.”

DS had used my computer/mouse and had commented on how slow my mouse was……

So, today we bought a shiny new one, with “BlueTrack Technology”.

After a few adjustments to click speed and precision…..four times through the game and I WON! What a letdown: there is no fourth level…..

Now how am I going to occupy myself?