By the time I got to Phoenix…..

…..I was po’d, crabby, cranky and not a little bit stinky.

The first inclination that this wasn’t going to be a smooth trip was my attempt to make reservations for Cirque du Soleil’s “Love” at the Mirage. I booked through Ticketmaster online, specifically asking for a ticket for Novermber1 (I still have a screen shot of that request page.) I hit “submit” and received a confirmation number. For November 5th.

My call to Ticketmaster to “fix” it lasted 68 minutes, went through 5 service reps, including managers at both Ticketmaster and Mirage…..there was no record of a reservation.  I have a confirmation number:  Neither Ticketmaster nor Mirage uses the format that it was in.There is no deduction from my credit card noted…..apparently my screenshots were a phantom….

So, on Sunday am we head to the airport to disembark, using the kiosk to check in.  Oops, “Problem, please ticketing clerk,”  I made reservations 3 months ago.  But the credit card had never been charged, so our reservations were unpaid. “We’ll just call the bank to verify,,,,” (Um, it’s 9am Sunday morning-good luck with that!)

Well, the ticketing supervisor re-ran the credit card and we were on our way…..

….to Honolulu where we had a 3 hour layover. Well, it was supposed to be three hours.  The departure board read: new time–9:50pm (7 hours later than scheduled.) Apparently the inbound Phoenix to HNL flight had a problem, so we had to wait for them to fly a plane to us…in order to fly us back to the mainland.  A free dinner buffet at the Marriott, and $200 in travel
vouchers help ease the sting, and we took the (unexpected) redeye.

DH is spending the week in Phoenix with mom, and I was traveling to on a Las Vegas conference. My flight from Phoenix to Las Vegas?  Delayed 90 minutes.  I had checked in 4 hours early, and STILL was in the last boarding group (the Southwest cattle call) and as I neared the plane on the jetway, the flight attendant informed me that I could not take my carryon as there was no more bin room…I don’t check bags as I don’t like to have to collect from the baggage claim….

Finally get to the hotel: Whooeee! They had my reservation!

Remember that Cirque show?  Well, after confirming that I had no confirmation, I had booked directly with the hotel (at a much better rate). Walked over to the Mirage, got my ticket.  Oops, sorry, show is delayed as the first showing ran overtime.

The show was fabulous….except for the technical problems that caused them to shut it down three times during the performance: This show has run for 4 years, and NEVER has had technical difficulties before.

Obviously, there is no point in trying to gamble. I’d probably hit the jackpot only to be told that there was a technical problem with the machine.