November 2010 Archives

EEK! Mouse!

Damn game. I found a link to it on one of my chatboards, and quickly became addicted. I have always played Mahjongg, but had never seen this version: Mahjongg Dimensions. But, I could never get past the third level. It is timed at 6 minutes, and I always ran about 30 seconds short. What I found is that my mouse would click, but NOT actually target the tile I was pointing and clicking at, so Continue reading

Ruh Roh…..

Well, we have been back for a more than a week, so the jetlag should be over.  I DID stay up a bit longer last night than usual, but have done that before and never had this problem. The problem?  I slept until NINE O’CLOCK IN THE MORNING! We had plans to do an “adventure” today:  just drive around the island and stop whereever the spirit led us, swim, lunch, sightsee like tourists….and now it’s Continue reading

By the time I got to Phoenix…..

…..I was po’d, crabby, cranky and not a little bit stinky. The first inclination that this wasn’t going to be a smooth trip was my attempt to make reservations for Cirque du Soleil’s “Love” at the Mirage. I booked through Ticketmaster online, specifically asking for a ticket for Novermber1 (I still have a screen shot of that request page.) I hit “submit” and received a confirmation number. For November 5th. My call to Ticketmaster to Continue reading