It’s all Steve’s fault


They left me: DS and DDIL. They moved back to the mainland, citing electric costs here.

So, I’ve been depressed, sad and moping. Last night I got ill. Really ill. To the point that DH was trying to call 911.

I woke at 1:30 am with urinary urgency and abdominal cramps.  On the toilet, I tried to pass stool, but couldn’t, and as I sat there, I became more syncopal by the second (dizzy, that is…..). I couldn’t sit for the dizziness, couldn’t lay down for the pain….

….finally stumbled into the bedroom and passed out on the floor. DH says there I soiled myself (and everything around me….) and was unconscious and jerking for a few seconds. When I came to, I was shocky (cold, clammy, sweating, nauseated and profoundly weak), but after 30 minutes managed to get off my soiled nightgown and take a shower.

Now, I have a lifelong history of vaso-vagal syncope, and have passed out in ballet class, on the basketball court, in the grocery store, and on the chancel at my wedding. But it has been 25 years since my last episode.

So I blame it all on Steve and Cassie, who deserted me in my old age.

Feel guilty now, kids?

Don’t worry about me…….