I have mentioned before about the stark line dividing “wet” Hawaii from “dry.”¬† Green, verdant hills covered with lush grasses on the east give way parched, arid land on the west. Parker Ranch is one of the largest cattle ranches in the country, and it spans thousands of acres….on both sides of the “line.”

On our return trip from¬† the Kohala coast beach yesterday, we traveled through Parker Ranch land and saw that huddled together under a few scrubby Ohia trees was a herd of cattle. They lay in brown dirt. They were surrounded by brittle dry desert grass. The area was bordered by seams of sharp, spikey A’a lava flows.

When we crossed back to the “wet” side, more fields revealed more cows…..happily munching new grass spreading over hills as far as they could see.

And I wondered…..what the “dry” cows had done to deserve to be sent to such a hellish place…..and whether they are ever granted “grace” to go to the other side……