The thing is dead…

The “thing” being my fancy new…only 3 month old….smart Palm Pre Plus phone.

It was resting quietly on its charging dock downstairs. It rang once, and I went down to see what call I had missed. Numbers were spontaneously dialing and then disconnecting…..screens were opening and then closing again. It went into airplane mode, and the screen would not respond to my touch. It was having seizures….

I removed the battery and rebooted. The touchscreen remained unresponsive.

I did a soft reset. The touchscreen was cold and pulseless.

I did cpr (a hard reset….). The touchscreen was fixed and dilated.

I pronounced it dead.

Have I mentioned in the past that I am VERY happy with Verizon’s customer service? Next morning my friendly neighborhood Verizon service rep booted up a brand new Palm Pre Plus phone as a replacement for me.

The thing is dead….long live the thing!