DH has been after me to do something about it.  “It” being all the fruit. Papaya, strawberry guava, lilikoi (passionfruit),guava, pineapple, citrus, jaboticoba, banana.

It’s falling and making a mess all over the lawn. We can’t keep up with it, and like tomato and zucchini time in the midwest, friends avoid us when they see us carrying bags of the surplus.

“Why don’t you make some wine?” he asked.

So, some research, $50 in supplies and a few days of fruit gathering (in this case, lilikoi, strawberry guava and yellow guava) led to a 7 gallon bucket sitting in the kitchen closet. I stir it once a day. I sniff it when I lift the lid to stir. I have resisted the urge to taste.

Today….it bubbled! The air-lock on top of the bucket, filled with sanitizing solution, and closed to the environment, looked like the morning coffee pot: CO2 was perking through the solution.  I was overjoyed to see that the yeast is doing its gurgly duty, and I can now count down the days:  30 minimum….90 for best results.

And if it doesn’t taste so good…..we will have interestingly flavored vinegar!