The gnat ate my homework…..

My old laptop seemed to lose another function every few days….so I backed it up and went looking for a new computer. I found the new HP Touchsmart PC at Wallyworld. I wasn’t looking for a touch screen, but the ‘puter fit all my other needs: BIG screen, wireless mouse and keyboard, and it’s nice and compact. No PC tower! No wires!

So, it is now home, set up and …..generally…..good.

Except for the gnats.

One night I was called by the hospital, and needed to get online (at oh-dark-thirty) to access a patient’s file.

I booted up, clicked on the program…..and suddenly windows were opening……closing……the on-screen keyboard opened up and letters were being clicked….

I was sure I’d been hacked and “taken over.” I shut down and went to a different computer.

The next morning, it was as nothing happened. The computer performed normally. The same thing happened a few more times…..always at night

Last night it did it again, but this time I saw them…..the LFB’s (little flying bugs)….attracted by the light of the monitor, landing on the screen, walking around and “typing,” clicking on files, opening and closing files and changing the configuration of my desk top.

School children now have a new excuse for not turning in their homework: the gnat deleted it.