Still crazy, after all these years

I first started doing it when i was seventeen. Church services on  Wednesday night, Sunday morning and Sunday night. Later, in a bar 5 or 6 nights a week.

Years of weekend gigs and weddings at the Elks, or Moose…or VFW halls.

Followed by years of leading a church band. And filling in for the “real” church organist for vacation and weekends off.

So after 40…..yes, forty!….years of playing the organ in various venues, why do I STILL have nightmares about it when I substitute for the church organist.

This time I dreamt I was attending choir rehearsal at 9am (at the mall…..) and in doing so, forgot that I was to be playing the first service….at 8am. I was terrified that I had really let down the new pastor. But not so terrified that I stopped shopping with the altos!

Well, I did get to church on time, and  we (I and the congregation…) survived my clumsy attempts at church “organ”izing…

…gotta stop those late night anchovie pizzas…..