What I learned..

DS sent me an email today titled “today I learned….” and told a story about his cat’s behaviour….and what it means.

I’m afraid I didn’t respond with the enthusiasm he imagined when I responded “today I learned that I’m too damned old for all this physical labor…”

Yes, I can list the “priceless” commercial:

Army Surplus 3000 gallon water tank: $375

Honda 4 stroke Ag pump and hoses needed for efficient draining and refilling: $425

Latex outdoor Rustoleum Paint: $100

New PVC food grade catchment liner: (fortunately bought by prior owner prior to our purchase, and included with the house, and kept till now in storage…)

Bottle of ibuprofen needed to relieve the body aches created by draining to temp tank, powerwashing, scraping, painting tank, removing liner, replacing liner, refilling from temp tank…..$2.98

The denoument:: Finishing in two days a job I expected to take five, and now being able to attend 2 of the parties we had been invited to this weekend: PRICELESS!