Make straight the highway….

In our desire for seclusion, we buy houses that are…..challenged. In Nevada, we lived in the middle of 30 acres. The road was 1600 feet long, graveled, and prone to washouts. In the winter it was covered in packed snow. Springtime was particularly hazardous, as the warm days would melt the accumulated, packed snow, which would then freeze to a sheet of ice during the cold nights.

Well, here in Hawaii, ice is certainly not a problem. But we still have challenges. One entry to our house is off the paved county road. We park in a grassy driveway….then descend a flight of scary stone steps…some of which have settled with a definite downward slope…..

After descending about 30′, you cross the one-person wide foot bridge over the gulch (and sometimes murmuring-occasionally raging-stream), and then enter onto our property. It’s a beautiful entryway. Unless you need to bring in the groceries. Or the piece of furniture you just bought. Or you have physically challenged guests…..

… which case you can come “the back way.” This entails driving past our house about 1/2 mile, turning onto an old grass and gravel cane road, and coming back down the hill…..through ruts, washed out potholes and, during heavy rains, mudbogs. Not too conducive to the average sedan….

The cane road is deeded to those of us who own property abutting it. Over the past two years, we all have bemoaned it. Discussed it. Cussed it!

And now we are DOING SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Yes,in capital letters.

Isaiah 40:3 states “In the desert prepare the way for the LORD ; make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God.” Anyone reading that passage during Isaiah’s time would understand the reference. If a king or other important personnage were planning a visit, workers would be sent to the desert to prepare the road. Curved areas would be straightened, dips would be raised and hills would be lowered, all to make the trip a comfortable one for the honored guest.

This week the road crew graded. They scraped. They put down gravel and compressed it. They built forms. On Monday, they will pour cement, and 350 feet of the worst of the road will be made straight. And smooth.

And so you, our honored guests, can now arrive at our Hale (home) in comfort.

Start packing!