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What I learned..

DS sent me an email today titled “today I learned….” and told a story about his cat’s behaviour….and what it means. I’m afraid I didn’t respond with the enthusiasm he imagined when I responded “today I learned that I’m too damned old for all this physical labor…” Yes, I can list the “priceless” commercial: Army Surplus 3000 gallon water tank: $375 Honda 4 stroke Ag pump and hoses needed for efficient draining and refilling: $425 Continue reading

Happiness is a full bladder

Onion Bladder

um…water storage bladder, that is. Water catchment is a way of life here on Big Island. In an area with 200″ of annual rainfall, it would be a crime to not take advantage of all that free water. Our corregated steel tank is lined with a food-grade pvc liner. Liner’s lives are about 5 years.  We are due. and have had a liner in storage for a while, but have been too (lazy) busy to Continue reading


Thank you, Google. For “trojaning” my computer. First, if you use iGoogle….DON’T! They have recently added theme “suggestions’ to the igoogle home page. One of them is a Pacman theme. Just signing into my account today (never coming near the “theme suggestion” icon, and certainly not clicking it…. …the pacman music/siren started playing. And won’t stop. It had embedded and plays anytime I log onto the internet, on everypage. Changing my homepage made no difference. Continue reading

Make straight the highway….

In our desire for seclusion, we buy houses that are…..challenged. In Nevada, we lived in the middle of 30 acres. The road was 1600 feet long, graveled, and prone to washouts. In the winter it was covered in packed snow. Springtime was particularly hazardous, as the warm days would melt the accumulated, packed snow, which would then freeze to a sheet of ice during the cold nights. Well, here in Hawaii, ice is certainly not Continue reading

We’re Saved!!

Well, I can say categorically that the economic crisis is over. No, I don’t have insider trading knowledge. I am not privy to cabinet-level discussions with congress or the president. Nor do I search out obscure newsblogs, publications or cable-tv shows which analyze the global economic situation and purport to expound on such things with expertise. No, I base my statement on hard, down-to-earth incontrovertible evidence: credit card applications. This week four of them have Continue reading