Serendipity…..part 3

“You can always identify a kidney stone patient!”  I remember the lecture as if it were yesterday. “They writhe…they can’t sit still, they can’t find a position of comfort.”
Lets talk about grace.  And serendipity. Since we moved to Hawaii, we have had only catastrophic health care coverage. As an independent contractor, I have no “benefits” other than what I pay…through the nose….for.

On Thursday I started working a part-time permanent position with Kaiser-Permanente. Part of the employment contract is: full insurance coverage for me…and my spouse.

DH has had a rough week. He started Saturday with sniffles, a mild sore throat and cough. By Monday he had a fever, chills and a deep, rasping cough. I treated him for flu and Leptospirosis (an everpresent threat here in the tropics.) This morning, I was leaving for work when he woke and complained of right flank pain. He had trouble peeing. He got nauseated….

….and I called Kaiser for an appointment.

An exam, and a CT scan later, his kidney stones were found, medicine prescribed and purchased.

The serendipity?  Full insurance coverage that started 2 days prior to an urgent medical problem.

The grace?  His pain is controlled, he is comfortable…and writhing has ceased.