I shouldn’t…..really…..

….after all, I do still need to hunker down and finish the taxes.

….and gather the ingredients to make dessert for the potluck on Sunday

…..and pick and practice hymns for the day I have to substitute as the church organist.

….so I shouldn’t, really.

And I have to take pictures to submit to the Boys/Girls club auction for the guest house week I’m donating…

….and I have to figure out how to carve that damned jackfruit without chopping myself in the process

…and there’s always laundry, cleaning, dog-walking, yardwork and “stuff” that needs to be done around here…

….so I should’t, really.

..but it’s been MONTHS since we did. And it’s 83, sunny and a calm breeze…

….so I shouldn’t, really. But will anyway. BEACH DAY!!!! WOOT!