I HATE that….

DS and DDL cooked a great dinner to celebrate DH’s birthday (this Wednesday). DDL showed off her new $.01 phone, received from Amazon in a a special promotion. It was very cute, and I was very jealous……

…..and since I am up for an upgrade…..

…..I toddled off to Amazon and perused their cell phones. And I found what I wanted.  And I added it to my cart. And I picked  minutes plan…and added it to my cart. And found a service plan…..and tried to add it to my account.  And nothing happened.

I tried a new brower. Same effect. I tried without signing in. Same effect (What is that line about the definition of insanity being doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results…..)(never mind..)

So I called the helpful customer service people. I give them this….she spoke perfect English….and was very friendly.  And very apologetic when she told me that this is a known issue with the website and “we are working as quickly as possible to fix it.”  And “no, I can’t take an order over the phone.”


(yes, I could go to the nearest Verizon store, but it’s actually a MUCH better deal at Amazon….if one could actually complete the sale…)

double pfft