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“LBJ took the IRT down to 4TH Street, USA…..” The lyrics from the song “Initials” from the  60’s musical Hair ran through my head as I played with my new phone. As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I had set my sights on a new smartphone. Rather than continuing to jump through Amazon’s hoops…their loss….I got it at the Verizon store and spent the next few days setting it up. My Palm Pre, 3g, Continue reading

I HATE that….

DS and DDL cooked a great dinner to celebrate DH’s birthday (this Wednesday). DDL showed off her new $.01 phone, received from Amazon in a a special promotion. It was very cute, and I was very jealous…… …..and since I am up for an upgrade….. …..I toddled off to Amazon and perused their cell phones. And I found what I wanted.  And I added it to my cart. And I picked  minutes plan…and added it Continue reading

I shouldn’t…..really…..

….after all, I do still need to hunker down and finish the taxes. ….and gather the ingredients to make dessert for the potluck on Sunday …..and pick and practice hymns for the day I have to substitute as the church organist. ….so I shouldn’t, really. And I have to take pictures to submit to the Boys/Girls club auction for the guest house week I’m donating… ….and I have to figure out how to carve that Continue reading

Serendipity…..part 3

“You can always identify a kidney stone patient!”  I remember the lecture as if it were yesterday. “They writhe…they can’t sit still, they can’t find a position of comfort.” Lets talk about grace.  And serendipity. Since we moved to Hawaii, we have had only catastrophic health care coverage. As an independent contractor, I have no “benefits” other than what I pay…through the nose….for. On Thursday I started working a part-time permanent position with Kaiser-Permanente. Part Continue reading

Satan Wept

Our Gospel text on one particualar Sunday in Lent was the story of the two thieves crucified on either side of Jesus, and the hymn spoke of “the Lamb who bore our sins.” I had a flashback….right there in the middle of the service….I remembered playing a computer adventure game. It was likely a King’s Quest or Hero’s Quest game. The protagonist needed to perform many tasks in order to save the girl (..or the Continue reading