You’ll poke yer eye out….

Well, after the Tsunami alert was lifted, DS and DDL came over for cards and food. In a role reversal,  they brought US new toys–an new Wii Resort game with new controllers. They brought along their own controllers and we joined in a family game of bowling.

Remember the movie “Christmas Story?”  Ralphie lusted after a Daisy BB gun, and all the adults brushed him off with the admonition “You’ll poke yer eyes out…”

Well, every game of Wii opens with the “lawyers page:”  Don’t do this, do this, careful of that.  We of course speed through those pages as we know better.


DH, while making his approach following a double (two strikes in a row), failed to see the small puddle of water on the floor (dog drool maybe…?).  Watching the tv screen, he never saw it coming…….the slip….the fall…..the injured shoulder.

Is there a lawyer in the house?