The other side of the tracks

In order to “diversify” myself, I have obtained privileges at another hospital, and this week was my first rotation there.

I trained in county and VA hospitals. I have spent my career providing care at county hospitals. Always understaffed, underfunded and overutilized, the doctors and nurses and other staff work hard to provide care in sometimes trying circumstances.

This new facility is NOT a county hospital. It is a very small, private facility in a pricey resort area. Each room is private, and has a sliding door out to a small lanai. There is an office of “holistic medicine.”  Specially trained nurses provide “healing touch.” The amenities available include the ability to renew your wedding vows in the chapel. Halls are –GASP—-carpeted!

Now, my friends know me as a cheapskate. My clothing is most likely from a thrift store, though occasionally I buy off the clearance rack at Ross. I buy books by the pound from the recycle area at the local dump….so you can imagine that I was distinctly out of my element.  My Ross-bought “Comfort Strides” sure looked dumpy next to my patient’s Prada “slippahs.”

It was fun to go to the other side for a week…..but I’m happy to be back on this side of the tracks!