Have I mentioned…..

…how much we love living here?

I hated that dinosaur. The 52″ projection TV that DH bought for himself several years ago. It is huge, unwieldy, heavy and fugly. I PLEADED with him not to bring it to Hawaii.

I lost the “discussion.” So I have ….perhaps not so subtly….been broaching the subject of a flat screen wall mounted tv. I casually wander through the electronics section at Wally World. I turn up the volume on Tv “TV” commercials.

So, he bit, and today we went off to Wally World to buy. No dice. Nothing in stock that we wanted…..so I offered to go to Costco on my next day off. But he, having “bit.” now WANTED it, so we went to Sears (one of my LEAST favorite…ok, I detest the place) stores. But the salesman was actually helpful, courteous and didn’t exude too much sleeze….so we bought…..

…and toddled off to the warehouse to pick it up. Oops……no can. The box was too big to stand up in our SUV, and it is against the warranty to lay it on its side. In order to arrange Sears delivery, we were told we would have to drive back to the store and arrange for it to go on the next truck….next week sometime.

“We’re off duty, and can take it home for you” said the Island Movers worker who stood on the dock next to me. “How far you stay?” he asked, and when we gave the general directions, he was able to describe our property, having delivered in the area numerous times.

“We follow you!”……and they did…..20 miles home, up the paved road, down the scary cane road….and they brought the thing into the house for us and carried it up the stairs.

Have I mentioned how difficult it was to get that old behemoth upstairs in the first place. DH and I were able to get it up the first flight of stairs onto the landing, but we couldn’t make the tight turn to ascend the 2nd flight. We resorted to bribing DS and MS (now DDL…dear daughter-in-law) with dinner and Christmas cookies to come over on a Sunday night to help lift it…). Well, Jerry and Tracy…the Island Movers, just jerked it up, hauled it down the stairs….and we were glad to give it to them for the favor.

Tell me, would that have happened in New Jersey? I love living here…..