Garbage Revisited

Hawaii has been hard hit by the recession. Our lifeblood is tourism, and it has been woefully impacted by the global economy.

In response, the local government is cutting corners. One of those corners is at the transfer station.  There is no garbage pickup here in rural Hawaii.  We pack it up and drop it at a dump (“transfer station”) on the way to work. Or, we did. Transfer stations were on top of the cut list, and hours were severely cut back in order to not have to pay the staff who normally sit at the site to make sure we don’t litter……

Instead of opening at 6am, most now don’t open until 8 or 9, and only on certain days. The problem with that is, residents work hours are the same, and they expect to stop at the station on the way to work and dump the trash.  If the gate is closed and locked, some people still leave the trash…outside the gate.

The state’s response? There is now a guard positioned outside the gate from 6am till opening (or till the next day if that dump happens to be closed on a given day…..). So, in order to save the cost of paying staff to man the transfer station, they are now paying staff to man the gate to tell us the transfer station is closed…….

Please come visit Hawaii……save us from our stupid legislators!