Death of an ornament…..

Part of me died when I opened the protective plastic bag. Obviously it wasn’t protective enough against the all-encompassing moisture that IS east Hawaii…..

DS made it when he was about 6. His favorite snack at the time was Pillsbury muffins. He would pack them into a pie tin, bake and enjoy them for the next couple of days. But one time he forgot they were in the oven, and didn’t remember until they were baked solid as hard-tack.

Being the creative child he was (and still is….) he saw in the ruined snack a Christmas wreath…and painted it accordingly. The outside ring he painted green, and the two center muffins he decorated as a snowman.

The ornament has been proudly hung every year since…that’s um….26 years.

It won’t be hung this year…..the poor….soft…..mouldy Santa wreath has breathed his last…sniff.