Today I lost it…….

We’ve pretty much settled in here, and I no longer think of Faith Lutheran as my home church.  Christ Lutheran is “home,” where we worship, sing, and have great fellowship.

Rick the choir director makes us sound good….even when we are off (like I was today….just couldn’t find the right line in the cannon we sang at the 2nd service……).

But every now and something…a sight, a sound…..a song….comes along and I am suddenly transported to Elko, with memories of RRS (the organist and choir director) blushing with pleasure at what she had accomplished with “her choir.”  Or Gracie, rushing up to  thank and hug us whenever RRS and I sang Beautiful Savior as a duet.

….which is the song that got me today. Beautiful Savior was the distribution hymn.  Two words was all I was able to squeak out before I dissolved in memories and tears. I felt an acute sense of loss….till I came home and checked the Elko weather.

Ok, I’m over it.