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Garbage Revisited

Hawaii has been hard hit by the recession. Our lifeblood is tourism, and it has been woefully impacted by the global economy. In response, the local government is cutting corners. One of those corners is at the transfer station.  There is no garbage pickup here in rural Hawaii.  We pack it up and drop it at a dump (“transfer station”) on the way to work. Or, we did. Transfer stations were on top of the Continue reading

Today I lost it…….

We’ve pretty much settled in here, and I no longer think of Faith Lutheran as my home church.  Christ Lutheran is “home,” where we worship, sing, and have great fellowship. Rick the choir director makes us sound good….even when we are off (like I was today….just couldn’t find the right line in the cannon we sang at the 2nd service……). But every now and something…a sight, a sound…..a song….comes along and I am suddenly transported Continue reading

You know that part of me that died….

…when I found the moldy Pillsbury biscuit Christmas wreath? Well, I’m alive again. Years ago, DS learned to mold Femo Clay under the tutelage of his then mother-in-law. The clay comes in vibrant colors, and when baked, becomes a nearly indestructible item. After reading my blog about how his wreath ornament died a soggy death after 26 years, he set out to make a birthday gift for me. Ben Franklin Crafts has Femo Clay! And Continue reading

Seasons Greetings…..

I’ve been working at the Kaiser clinic this week. After two years of working only as a hospitalist (managing hospitalized patients) it is a bit of culture shock to again see out-patients. “My urine smells strong after eating broccoli. What should I do?” (um, either don’t eat broccoli or don’t sniff your shi-shi) “I stepped on a sea urchin. What do I do?” (ask the other guy if you can have his urine to soak Continue reading

Husky HU 80833 2600psi Power Washer Manual

…here for the MANY people who have posted online that they cannot find it online! (Hint:  a quick call to Customer Service at 1-866-340-3912 brought it to my inbox immediately!) And if all else fails…… Get a New Electric Pressure Washer

Death of an ornament…..

Part of me died when I opened the protective plastic bag. Obviously it wasn’t protective enough against the all-encompassing moisture that IS east Hawaii….. DS made it when he was about 6. His favorite snack at the time was Pillsbury muffins. He would pack them into a pie tin, bake and enjoy them for the next couple of days. But one time he forgot they were in the oven, and didn’t remember until they were Continue reading