57 channels and nothing’s on…

“Do all that stuff now, because after a while of living here, you never will!” Norm was giving us the advice of a long-term Hawaii resident. We were discussing our recent beach day, and went on to say how happy we were to live in a place where the beach was easily accessible year round.

That was almost two years ago…..

….and life happens. Work, church, shopping, housework, yardwork, more work, finishing projects on the house in preparation for some wedding or something…..

….and we went less frequently. This week I have 6 full days off and envisioned getting much done….we finished the flooring in the Ohana…..the bathroom there is now complete…..I made new slipcovers for the chairs in the guest bedroom….we measured and staked for the new deck…we shopped for and bought new chairs for the living room (having removed the old ones to the new guest house)…….the lawn is cut, the house is clean…..

BEACH DAY! It was a perfect day: sunny, pleasantly warm, LOTS of fish to see.

Oh yeah….THAT’s why we moved here!