November 2009 Archives

An Old-Fashioned Christmas….

So today we put up the fake Christmas tree, lit with LED lights, while listening to MP3 copies of Christmas favorites played through the laptop….. ……while the tradewinds blew a gentle breeze through the house here in Hawaii…. Old fashioned ain’t got NOTHING on us!

Houston, we have a problem…

Ok, let’s talk about health care. I have said for years that the current system can’t last too much longer. Doctors are refusing to see any more Medicare or Medicaid patients, because reimbursement is low (or in some cases, as I have experienced in the past…nonexistent). Insurance coverage as it is currently administered offers no responsibility to the patient to make reasonable choices:  a sniffle?  “Doc, I need the strongest antibiotic you can give me, Continue reading

Now that rings a bell!

The first few times it happened, we really didn’t notice. Then, we realized she did it every time! You will recall the history of Pavlov’s dogs. He theorized that reflexes could be conditioned….that is, that one could stimulate an automatic response to something by associating it with something else. He of course, used dogs. He rang a bell everytime they were fed. Presentation of food stimulated the dogs to salivate. Eventually, they began to salivate Continue reading

57 channels and nothing’s on…

“Do all that stuff now, because after a while of living here, you never will!” Norm was giving us the advice of a long-term Hawaii resident. We were discussing our recent beach day, and went on to say how happy we were to live in a place where the beach was easily accessible year round. That was almost two years ago….. ….and life happens. Work, church, shopping, housework, yardwork, more work, finishing projects on the Continue reading