One of the guys…

I have been acutely aware that I am a white woman professional living on a rock in the middle of the ocean, practicing in a town where the medical community is dominated by Asian males…..

….and so I have kept my head low…..and have made a practice of addressing those doctors as….”Doctor….so and so…” rather than by first names as would have been my habit on the mainland. Because few of the office-based doctors admit to the hospital anymore, it is also rare that we actually meet face to face.

Occasionally I need to call one of them to get some history about a patient I am admitting, and did so yesterday.

I called the office, identified myself as Dr. H….. and told the secretary what piece of info I needed. She asked me to hold while she found the record and retrieved the information.

After a minute or so, the phone was picked up, and the doctor himself said “Hey Chele, this is Sid, what’s happening with (the patient).”

I tell, you, I got warm and fuzzy all over. I was clearly just “one of the guys…”