Nightmare on Kapiolani Street…

Well, it started with my notes getting stuck in the filagreed, curvy, mobile chandelier hanging directly in front of the lecturn.  After what seemed like hours, I was able to free the paper from the loops, and I started to read.

“Poor Peter,” I began, then couldn’t find the next line.  It had smeared, and the pages were now all mixed up. I tried to straighten them, but the papers multiplied and I couldn’t put them in the correct order. I apologised to the listeners, asking their patience as I “regrouped.”

But patient they were not, and I looked up to see them wandering around the infield, throwing balls back and forth, talking among themselves…..

……and I woke in a sweat. Yes, you might say that I have been a bit concerned about being the first woman to preach a sermon in our current church.

In actuality, the sermon went very well, was well received, I did not lose my place, and no one walked out.

Whew. Thanks be to God!