September 2009 Archives

At what point……

….does home become HOME? We’ve both said it at least once in the last week….”back home….” (meaning, in Nevada). But we have no home there. It is sold, deed has been recorded, new folks have taken it (and its hellish driveway…) over. Certainly we have dear friends there…..but no family. We have been here eighteen months, our family has followed us. We worship in our local church, bank at the credit union, pay our mortgage Continue reading

Nightmare on Kapiolani Street…

Well, it started with my notes getting stuck in the filagreed, curvy, mobile chandelier hanging directly in front of the lecturn.  After what seemed like hours, I was able to free the paper from the loops, and I started to read. “Poor Peter,” I began, then couldn’t find the next line.  It had smeared, and the pages were now all mixed up. I tried to straighten them, but the papers multiplied and I couldn’t put Continue reading

One of the guys…

I have been acutely aware that I am a white woman professional living on a rock in the middle of the ocean, practicing in a town where the medical community is dominated by Asian males….. ….and so I have kept my head low…..and have made a practice of addressing those doctors as….”Doctor….so and so…” rather than by first names as would have been my habit on the mainland. Because few of the office-based doctors admit Continue reading


….that’s what I like best about living here. I am (and always have been) an early riser. I wake usually at 5:30 (tho today is was 3am for heaven’s sake!), and drink my coffee upstairs… The sun soon starts to shine through the clouds over the ocean….and sunrises here are almost always spectacular…. Then the birds start: mynah, cardinal, dove, robin and….the tropical bird. I have yet to identify it, but its call is soothing, Continue reading

I love my husband…..

…but… was delicous….without him. We always shop together when we decide to go to the Kona side. It usually involves going to the beach for a few hours in the morning, then doing the Costco run after that…then the two hour ride home. But he is up to his eyeballs in 2 x 4’s, romex wire and copper pipe….putting in the new bathroom in the guest house. When he gets involved in that kind of Continue reading