What were WE thinking?

So we have this wedding coming up….soon…And DH and I have been making lists of things that NEED TO BE DONE to the house before then.

Bathroom in guest house.

Extend deck off front of house.

Grade the (rough) entry road.

Take out the (stupid…) partition wall next to the exit door upstairs.

…and many, many more….

But yesterday neither of us could stand looking at the floor downstairs anymore. The prior owner had had the concrete slab painted and (maybe) sealed…..and a poor job was made of it. So, the deep red/rust/maroon paint is peeling, pockmarked and fugly. Off to BigOrangeBoxHomeImprovementStore….

We loaded our pushcart with 35 boxes of laminate flooring. And…….slowly…..with great effort….we pushed it to the checkout counter, paid and then …..slowly…out the door to load it all into the car. We drove it home (over the above mentioned rough entry road….) and, starting in the bedroom, began to lay it.

We had finished half, and now needed to move the bed onto the finished floor to be able to access the unfinished. DH bent and lifted one edge of the (king size) bed. “Ahhh, ohhhh, owwww, @%&*!!(#+++&…..” he said, not calmly, and dropped to the ground clenching his back.

Now, I have inherited the infamous K back…as well as the K nose, head bumps, and tendency to twiddle thumbs when anxious….and so I know what a “bad back” feels like. DH has never had the pleasure. I did what I could as a doctor and as a fellow sufferer to help him through the shock of the initial pain….(beer and ibuprofen!).

When will we learn….we are not kids anymore. We are in our (hrrmmmm) late 50’s. The parts are rusty and corroded.

What were we thinking?

(Beer and ibuprofen were quite restorative and the bedroom floor is done….on to the dining room and kitchen!!!)