Unearthing St. Joseph

It is time. I buried him in September of 2007, upside down in the back yard, facing the back door. That’s the way it is supposed to be done.
And then, when the thing is accomplished, he is to be dug up and carried to his new abode, resting in a place of honor.
So, “the thing”—selling the house in Nevada—is accomplished. After nearly two years, and with a failed long-term lease-purchase agreement in the middle, the house is sold. We passed inspection, appraised for the right amount, the buyers have qualified for their loan….and we close this week.
Problem is, St. Joseph is 2500 miles away. I don’t have the guts to ask our real estate agent, who has disposed of dead cats, weed-eated the flagstone patio, filled the pond for ‘effect’ and sprayed for wasps….all in the name of a good showing…I can’t ask her to take a shovel, go into the back yard, walk 15 paces back from the left corner of the deck and dig down one foot…..
Maybe the new owners will install a sprinkler system back there (because there REALLY is great need of one….)….and in the process of digging…..perhaps they will unearth St. Joseph.
I’ll send them a prepaid flat rate USPS box to ship him back to me, because Mary has been sitting on my dresser for the last two years….looking forlorn and lonely.