It’s the calm….

…before the storm.

We are “preparing” for Felicia. “She” is the hurricane (thankfully now downgraded to a tropical depression) off to the east of us. As my dad used to tell me, “Pick your natural disaster.” When we lived in Nevada, we feared wildfires. Just before we moved, we were stunned by a 7.0 earthquake centered just 70 miles from us.

In Michigan it was tornadoes and ice storms.

Here in Hawaii, the sun is shining, the sky is mostly blue, and there is a gentle breeze. We had a few quick showers pass through today, but they cleared quickly. There is nothing in the immediate atmosphere to cause concern…..but Civil Defence closed all the beaches at 3pm, the stores are bought out of rice, toilet paper and bottled water (and beer….). We made a special trip to the county water spigot today and filled up all our available water bottles with potable water…..if the wind were to damage our catchment system, we would run out quite quickly…..

We bought an extra tank of propane, and two small bottles of campfire stove fuel.

We stored all the lawn furniture, outdoor decor, water hoses, and hanging doodads in the steel seacontainer.

And now all we can do is watch….and wait.

And pray for a dud.