August 2009 Archives

Unearthing St. Joseph

It is time. I buried him in September of 2007, upside down in the back yard, facing the back door. That’s the way it is supposed to be done. And then, when the thing is accomplished, he is to be dug up and carried to his new abode, resting in a place of honor. So, “the thing”—selling the house in Nevada—is accomplished. After nearly two years, and with a failed long-term lease-purchase agreement in the Continue reading

It’s the calm….

…before the storm. We are “preparing” for Felicia. “She” is the hurricane (thankfully now downgraded to a tropical depression) off to the east of us. As my dad used to tell me, “Pick your natural disaster.” When we lived in Nevada, we feared wildfires. Just before we moved, we were stunned by a 7.0 earthquake centered just 70 miles from us. In Michigan it was tornadoes and ice storms. Here in Hawaii, the sun is Continue reading

What were WE thinking?

So we have this wedding coming up….soon…And DH and I have been making lists of things that NEED TO BE DONE to the house before then. Bathroom in guest house. Extend deck off front of house. Grade the (rough) entry road. Take out the (stupid…) partition wall next to the exit door upstairs. …and many, many more…. But yesterday neither of us could stand looking at the floor downstairs anymore. The prior owner had had Continue reading