What were they thinking?

We made ice cream this weekend.  It was the first time we had ever done that.  A $20 ice cream maker from Wally World and a passel of over-ripe bananas made for a delicious treat.  And led me to wonder….

Who was the first person to decide that if a bucket were filled with cream and sugar, then layers of ice and salt were built up on the outside, and then it was paddled, or rolled, or stirred for a given amount of time, that ice cream would result?  What were they thinking….

Which brings up another thought……

Who was the first person to decide to take coffee beans, spit them out of the pulp, marinate them overnight, then dry them for a week, then shred off the parchment, then roast them, then grind them and boil the grinds in water? What were they thinking? And we won’t even talk about Luwak coffee…..

(can’t wait to try my lilikoi sauce on homemade vanilla icecream!)